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Quick & Easy After the Fact Payroll for Windows

Information Returns, Inc.'s Quick & Easy After the Fact Payroll has been a traditional problem-solver for  most  payroll reporting problems.  Now, we're proud to present our  improved Windows version.  

What does After the Fact Payroll do?

It accumulates your payroll information and provides reconciliation reports as well as the required Federal and State reporting.  Also available is an Employee Pay Data Sheet, especially suitable for distribution with non-check payrolls.

How After The Fact Payroll works:

After the Fact Payroll demonstration for an on-line demonstration of the program!


After The Fact Payroll for Windows FACT SHEET

Operating systems supported Windows 98SE*,  Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows XP (both Home and Professional versions), Windows Vista (all versions), Windows 7, Windows 10
Limits on number of forms unlimited
Network capabilities no extra charge
Multiple PC license one license required per PC
Printers supported

most laser printers and many newer inkjet printers

Electronic filing support Magnetic state filing for information about magnetic/electronic state filing options
Program shipped on CD-ROM

*Windows 95 requires a minimum of 64 MB of RAM to run After the Fact Payroll for Windows dependably. We generally find that users of  operating systems newer than Windows 95 have at least 128 MB installed so available memory is rarely a problem for these users.  

Key Benefits

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