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Let's try After the Fact Payroll Reporting using 

Quick & Easy 

After the Fact Payroll for Windows

We'll start with the opening screen, take you to the payroll input process, and show you sample reports.  Then, if you want to go a step further, we'll back up and show you the setup process for both companies and employees.  This demo will take only a moment or two, and you can leave it at any time, but you can also dig as deep as you want and check out all the options if you prefer to!

Here's the process you'll use with Quick & Easy After the Fact Payroll:

Step #1:  Set up the Companies -- it's easy!!
Step #2:

Add the Employees -- simplified data entry

Step #3: On an ongoing basis, enter employee wages.  WE'LL BEGIN THE DEMO HERE
Step #4:  Run the reporting function to produce quarterly Form 941 (including Schedules A & B), and annual Forms 940, 943 and 944, plus your state reports. 
In this demo, you'll be able to navigate from screen to screen by clicking on the tabs on most  folders, just as you'll do with the "real" After the Fact Payroll!

Ready?  Here's the opening screen...


 To start the demo, please click on "Begin"  Points to Quick & Easy After the Fact Payroll opening screen  

(Remember, you're in control  in  this demo and you can stop at any time, go back, or click on a tab for more detail about something that interests you)

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