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Magnetic state filing payroll tax forms

During tax year 2003 we began to enhance our Quick & Easy After the Fact Payroll for Windows product to support electronic filing of some state payroll forms.

At the present time, here are the states and forms for which we offer electronic filing support:



Additional charge

New Jersey WR-30 no added charge
Massachusetts WR-1 no added charge
Texas C-3 and C-4 no added charge

We are in the process of adding electronic filing support for additional states.  If you would like to suggest a state for us to add, please tell us about it!

If you need to file payroll reporting forms electronically with state governments not listed above, please call our technical support group at (860)364-0615 or e-mail us at  

We're glad to provide you with estimates of both the lead time and additional charges (if any) for electronic filing support for various states.


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